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eSTAR Bluetooth Selfie Stick

The eSTAR Bluetooth Selfie Stick is a comfortable selfie stick made from durable aluminum. This selfie stick is based on the Bluetooth technology, has the universal extendable phone holder, when folded its length is only 23 cm and weights only 153 g. Convenient to have it with you wherever you’re traveling!

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Light but durable

The “eSTAR Selfie Stick B3 BLACK with Bluetooth Connection” selfie stick is made from durable aluminum, however, it weights only 153 g. Its length when folded is only 23 cm, that’s why it is always convenient to have it with you. When going on a trip, don’t forget to put it in the bag.

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Universal phone holder

The “eSTAR Selfie Stick B3 BLACK with Bluetooth Connection” selfie stick has a universal phone holder that fits many phones. The holder widens from 5.5 cm to 8.0 cm. You only need to pull out the holder put in the phone and the selfie stick is ready to capture your most beautiful moments – fast and convenient!

Other functions

Built In Bluetooth ico
Bluetooth technology

Simple – you turn on the selfie stick and pair it with the phone that you have via the Bluetooth connection.

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The selfie stick has a 180 mAh battery. The battery could keep the standby mode on for 100 hours

extends up to ico adjust at angle ico
Other Functions

The eSTAR Bluetooth Selfie Stick extends up to 97 cm and has 5 extending sections.

Parts are fixed in place by twisting them – fast and convenient! The position of the phone holder could be adjusted at 270 angle so you will always be in the frame

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eSTAR Bluetooth Selfie Stick